Union Made Animal Welfare
Personal Pocket Checks

Benefit your favorite humane society, pet rescue or animal adoption shelter
every time you write a check.

Featuring your favorite animal welfare organization's standard image, (choose from list below),
or a photo of your own favorite pet, rescue, service or farm animal!
(photo checks $6 additional per box.)


  • Personal Wallet Size Pet Checks
  • Personalized Pet Photo ChecksPrinted on 4 different colored background colors,
    (red, blue, green & gold) in each checkbook.
  • Free vinyl checkbook cover, check register & single deposit tickets included with first time order.
  • Guaranteed to work at your financial institution. Order now!

Design your own cool personal checks
with a photo of your best animal friend - your favorite dog, cat, bunny rabbit, mouse, pig, horse, parrot, gerbil, koala or cow!

Add the name and standard logo of your favorite non-profit pet adoption group, animal shelter, pet rescue or other animal welfare group and we'll donate $1 per box directly to that organization. (min. $5)

Animal Welfare Pet Checks Order Form:

Select Animal Welfare Organization:
A portion of the proceeds of your order will go directly to this animal welfare organization.
Select Image:
Ordering Information: Please type your name and address below as you would have appear on your checks. Four lines, maximum 40 char. per line. Shipping Information: Checks will be shipped to the address on the checks unless otherwise indicated in the box below.

Please enter your phone number here in case we have any questions regarding your order:

Please contact me via email with special offers or other important information.

Enter email address below:

One Part Checks:

1 Box    (200 cks) $19.95
2 Boxes (400 cks) $34.60
3 Boxes (600 cks) $49.25
4 Boxes (800 cks) $66.25

Because the majority of our clients now prefer single checks we have discontinued our production of duplicate checks, effective immediately. This decision makes it more economical for you to obtain your personal checks. Should you ever need a picture of your cashed check, your Financial Institution can provide one, simply by requesting it, or printing it out from your on-line banking statement.
Check Starting Number
(#1001 will be used if not specified)
Amount for Checks (See prices above)
Add $6.00 per box for Your Pet's Photo:
(if applicable)
Standard Block
(+ $2)
(+ $2)
(+ $2)
Shipping & Handling
(REQUIRED) add $5.50 per box
Sales Tax: add MD 6%, WA 9%
Priority Mail (First Box Only) add $8.00
To order:
Fill out this Order Form
Print this Order form and enclose a Voided Check or Reorder Form, Marking Changes as Needed.
Enclose a Deposit Slip from existing Checks
Enclose your Photo if applicable, (Your photo will be returned to you),
or Email Digital Photo to: info@theunionshop.com .

Please be sure to include your name and address in your email to identify your photo with your order.

Mail Your Payment, payable to The Union Shop, and this Order Form to:

Any Questions? Call Toll-Free Number: 1-888-864-6625

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